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A MIRACLE WORKER Dr Ashish Sabharwal is a dantastic surgeon with a divinely gifted pair of hands. My wife always sees remembers him as a miracle worker. I can't agree more. Why? She saw it all happen ... My medical condition was very frighteningly unusual; already a hopeless case. For I had already been told in one of the best medical institutes in Dubai that I had less than one month. Yes you heard it well: less than one month! My situation had already overblown and metastastized. But, by a divine twist of tongue, my consultant there almost sarcasically added that I could seek a technological miracle in India. My wife was scared but with deep prayer of faith, we set out for India. Dr Ashish started various procedures on me at Fortis Escorts Hospital within two hours of my arrival in India. Looking so deeply concerned and totally devoted, he turned my situation around after three days of different life-saving procedures.To date, my wife will swear by the Holy Book that it was a miracle through an unusually gifted hand. May God bless Dr Ashish Sabharwal through whom God granted my hopeless life a second chance to live.