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Shock wave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in India | Complete information and Shockwave therapy for ED cost in India

Dr Ashish Sabharwal is a Urologist, Andrologist and Robotic Prostate surgeon in New Delhi India. He has done his Training at University of Miami, USA. In this page, we will give you complete information regarding the Peizowave 2 low intensity shock wave therapy (LiSWT) for ED in Delhi. We will also tell about the shockwave ED treatment cost in India for the Peizowave 2 machine. To book an appointment contact us.

Shock wave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in India

What is Peizowave 2 low intensity focused Shockwave therapy for ED?

In Peizowave2 , the shockwaves are linear and focused. Therefore, it has a homogeneous effect and a better response. Also, it is faster application so that duration of treatment is shorter.

How does the shockwave therapy for Erectile dysfunction work?

Shock wave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in India

When the ultrasound waves strike the corporal bodies and the crura , the following effects happen:

  • 1. Induces angiogenesis and new blood vessel formation
  • 2. It breaks the plaques like cholesterol and opens the blood vessels
  • 3. Tissue regeneration

What is the difference between ED 1000 shockwave therapy for ED and the Peizowave 2 Shock Wave therapy for ED?

Peizowave 2 Low intensity shock wave therapy for Erectile dysfunction in India

   ED 1000  PEIZOWAVE 2
 Type of shockwave application  Focal  Linear
 Number of Sessions/ Shocks  12 Sessions.
 12.5 minutes each.
 1500 shocks.
 4 Sessions.
 8.5 minutes each.
 4000 shocks.
 Total Energy Applied  1620  2560

As per the comparison table, In Peizowave2 , the shockwaves are linear and focused. It has a homogeneous application of energy about 0.16 millijoules per millimetre square. Thus, a better response.
The shockwaves are applied at a frequency of 8 Hz. So, the 4000 shocks are applied in just 8 1/2 minutes. Thus , it is faster application and duration of treatment is shorter.

What is the treatment schedule for Peizowave2 Shock Wave therapy for ED in Delhi ?

It is a session of about 8 1/2 minutes. Patient must take a total of four sessions.
The gap between two sessions must be at least 2 days.
So, the total four sessions are over in 10 days.
And this is the office procedure. There is no need for hospital admission and no surgery, and no medicines are required.
There is minimal to no pain during the procedure. There are no long term side-effects.

How long does shockwave therapy for ED tech to work?

After 1st session of shock wave therapy, the patient starts to see the effects after about three weeks.

How long does the shockwave therapy for ED last?

The beneficial effects of shockwave therapy and the improved erection last for one year. Usually, patient needs to repeat the treatment cycles every year.
The shockwave therapy treatment for ED is easily repeatable. There are no side-effects.

Is Shock Wave therapy for ED effective ?

The Peizowave2 Shock Wave for ED is effective mainly in Vasculogenic importance, in which there is arterial obstruction.
It is only effective in cases of mild ED where:

  • 1. patient is getting good erections with medicines but wants to avoid the medicines
  • 2. he is getting Partial erections with medicines and wants to supplement with shockwave therapy to improve the erections.

The shockwave for ED is not effective in cases of :

  • 1. Severe ED where patient absolutely has no erections
  • 2. Severe ED where medicines are not effective at all to cure the ED.

Can we do shockwave therapy for ED at home?

The Peizowave2 Machine is very compact and can be easily moved around . If you do not want to come to the office and you want to do therapy in the comfort of your home, even that is possible.
You can contact us, and we will arrange it.

What is the Shock Wave ED treatment cost in India?

And the cost of Peizowave 2 Shockwave therapy treatment for ED is Rs.15,000 ( USD 250) for one session.
The patient needs to take four sessions, so the total cost is Rs.60,000/- (USD 1000)

   Rupees  USD
 Cost of 1 session  1500  250
 Total treatment cost (4 sessions)  60,000  1000

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