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Thanks only is not enough for Dr Ashish sabharwal's work. For a patient who knows that he is in prostrate cancer, the kind of support that you offer and the kind of confidence that you generated in patient is awesome.The patient (my brother in law Tarlok Singh)was struggling for fair diagnosis of his disease, but once we reached Dr. Ashish Sabharwal he took care of him as a child and boosted confidence in him, so that everything happens at a fast track and surgery also happened on 30th oct. 2019.. The confidence that you gave to tarlok singh resulted into his fast recovery, and getting released from Apolo hospital within 2days of operation is a kind of surprise for us, Here i would like to congratulate Dr. Ashish for being the best in robotic surgery. coming back from a major surgery within two days , where total blood loss is only 15-20ml, is amazing. We never heard of this type of robotic surgery before, but now after getting it done in family, i will suggest other patients also to get robotic surgery only, the chance of getting prostate cancer spreading in whole body is very less in case of robotic surgery, because very accurate and fine robotic hands work in the problematic areas only. Cut in body are also very small, that's why recovery is also fast. Thank you doctor from the core of my heart. This becomes important to appreciate doctors like Ashish Sabharwal because a lot of doctors is involved in minting money for themselves and for hospitals, whereas Dr. Ashish Sabharwal is setting an example of humanity and kindness. I would also thank to the junior doctors and his staff for giving us a homely feel in hospital and taking utter care of the patient.